Controversial claims by psychologists: PMS is a myth, nothing really happens

A widespread belief says that most of the women face premenstrual syndrome or PMS at some point in their lives. British psychologist Robyn Stein DeLuca believes this is a lie served to the women by the media.

Women suffering from PMS are facing with sudden mood changes, swelling, chest pains, low libido and in one in every 20 women the symptoms are so strong they prevent her from performing daily activities.

According to Stein DeLuca, PMS is just a myth and presents a problem of modern women which are not capable of managing their own lives.

She thinks women believes the lies served to them every day in books and magazines and also by the medical community. DeLuca said: “In time we internalized the idea that something is wrong with our bodies and we are probably just overburdened”. Moreover, she added that PMS is sort of excuse for getting out of obligations.

In her opinion, the symptoms related to PMS are probably the symptoms of fatigue.

She admits hormones can cause unpleasant symptoms, but also claims they are not as nearly as hard to prevent a woman from performing her daily activities.

On the other hand, professor Joyce Harper from the University College in London sharply denied DeLuca’s claims: “Hormones have a big influence on our mood, it is not a myth”. She said 95 percent of the women suffer from PMS at least one time in life. I disagree with the stance that modern women are just spoiled. PMS is not something imaginary.

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