You should eat chocolate for breakfast – according to science

According to the research from the University of Syracuse, black chocolate improves the cognitive functions of the brain, makes your memory work better and enables you to concentrate and make better judgments.

We need our brains to perform well throughout the day and that is why the scientists came to the conclusion that chocolate should be eaten for breakfast. However, there are other situations where black chocolate can help you. For example, before an exam, but also before going to bed. Black chocolate will help you in the morning, but also just before sleep.

Chocolate also improves our mood by stimulating the production of endorphin, a hormone that makes us happy.

At the same time, black chocolate reduces the risk of stroke and, you will not believe this, helps when it comes to losing weight since it speeds up the metabolism.

The positive effects of black chocolate (when consumed in reasonable quantities) are known, but many people still feel the guilt when eating it.

The main reason for the guilt might be the fact that some people cannot stop eating chocolate once they start until they eat all of it.

When buying chocolate, make sure you get the one with less sugar and a larger percentage of cocoa.

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