What Are The Health Benefits of Marijuana?

Although some people are opposed to the use of marijuana, even for medicinal purposes, many doctors are now starting to recognize that cannabis offers many health benefits which can improve the lives of those who are suffering from a range of conditions. With more places starting to legalize medicinal cannabis, there is a greater need for the public at large to develop a greater understanding of how marijuana can benefit their well-being and how useful it can be in relieving pain and other symptoms.

With many pharmaceutical treats causing unpleasant side-effects which may actually be worse than the condition itself, it’s no surprise that increasing numbers of people are now turning to medicinal marijuana as a safe alternative which produces no unwanted side-effects and which will cause no ongoing addictions unlike opiate medications.

There are many conditions which cannabis is effective in treating including:

Alzheimer’s Disease

One of cannabis’ active chemicals, THC has been demonstrated in a study carried out in 2006 to slow the formation of the amyloid plaques that are known to kill the brain cells which results in Alzheimer’s Disease. Medical marijuana blocks the enzyme in the brain which is known to create these plaques and therefore could be very important in preventing the neurodegenerative condition.

Mental Health Issues

Around a quarter of us suffer from mental health problems, so finding an effective way of treating these issues without prescribing tranquillizers which can be addictive is essential. Harvard Medical School carried out research which showed that medical marijuana has an effect in combating anxiety and is especially useful when used to combat PTSD when used in a low dose.


Traditional medicine has no effective treatment for arthritis, and the many sufferers often find their condition becomes debilitating over time. Medicinal marijuana can reduce arthritis pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.


Research is currently ongoing in whether cannabis is capable of treating cancer, and early studies point to CBD being able to turn off the ID-1 gene that is known the cause the spread of cancer cells throughout the body, and it could even possibly kill the cells.


Medicinal marijuana has been demonstrated clearly to be effective in treating epilepsy, especially in those whose condition was resistant to existing pharmaceutical treatments by preventing the sufferer from experiencing seizures.


This painful eye condition is the result of increased pressure which can result in loss of sight if left untreated. As medical cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties it reduces pressure in the eye, reducing the associated pain and reducing the chance of sight loss.

Lung Health

While many people believe that marijuana use decreases lung capacity, in fact recent research has proved that it can actually increase lung capacity instead and is beneficial for people who have existing lung problems because of smoking.


MS sufferers find that their long term pain is reduce by the use of medical marijuana, with their spasms being reduced.

Low Appetite and Nausea

The marijuana plant contains at least 60 cannabinoids, and THC, the best known of these, is well known for increasing the appetite (the effect often known as the munchies). Thus marijuana use can increase appetite in patients who struggle to eat due to lack of appetite, sickness and nausea due to chemotherapy or other conditions.

Parkinson’s Disease

The neurodegenerative disease causes tremors, poor motor skills and shaking which can seriously affect the sufferer’s quality of life. Patients who use marijuana usually find that their tremors are reduced and their increased fine motor skills can improve their lifestyle.

Inflammatory Bowel Conditions

Patients who have Crohn’s Disease or ulcerative colitis due to inflammation of the bowel can find relief from using medicinal cannabis. CBD and THC interact with the cells which have a key role in controlling gut function and immune responses, blocking the cannabinoids which increase the permeability of the intestines which allow bacteria to get in.

Although there are still critics of medicinal cannabis out there, the health benefits are becoming clearer every day, and with more professionals within the medical community recognizing them, it is clear that medicinal marijuana is becoming more mainstream. Those who order medicinal weed online from Green Panther will almost certainly find that they can enjoy relief from their unwanted

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